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Apply online at www.lincolnshire.gov.uk/schooladmissions

A reminder to parents and carers of the importance of applying for a place at Junior school, to start in September 2017 if your child is currently in year 2. The date of birth of your child will be between 01/09/2009 and 31/08/2010.
From 14th November 2016 you will be able to apply online at www.lincolnshire.gov.uk/schooladmissions, or ask for a paper application form or make a phone application by contacting the Education Team on 01522 782030. Parents can only apply by using one of these three methods. If applicants live outside of Lincolnshire then they need to apply to their home Local Authority even if they want a school in Lincolnshire.

If you feel that as parent or carer you need support with the application process due to a variety of reasons such as literacy issues or a language barrier please feel free to contact the Education Team on 01522 782030 or email schooladmissions@lincolnshire.gov.uk

If you require information in a different language please contact Lincolnshire County Council on 01522 782030 or e.mail languages@lincolnshire.gov.uk

หากท่านต้องการข้อมูลในภาษาที่แตกต่างกันกรุณาโทรศัพท์ 01522 782030

Jeśli potrzebujesz informacji w innym języku prosimy o kontakt telefoniczny 01522782030

If you require support in completing the application process for reasons such as literacy issues pleae feel free to contact the Education Team on 01522 782030 or e.mail schooladmissions@lincolnshire.gov.uk for further support

New Admissions

 Our annual intake of pupils to Reception year is in September, following their 4th birthday. 

To register your child for admission, please contact school on

 Telephone number 01472 822065  or   e.mail enquiries@holton-le-clay-infant.lincs.sch.uk.

 If you have registered your child with ourselves, we will contact you, following the timetable set by Lincolnshire County Council, and forward the required documentation for this very exciting time. If you have any questions or require any help or guidance through the admissions process please contact the School office.

Holton le Clay is a community controlled school and follows the Lincolnshire County Council Admission Policy (see link below)

An admission policy contains over-subscription criteria to identify which children have priority if there are more applications than available places. An admission policy also provides other information such as definitions, reserve list procedures, deferring entry etc.

Admissions policies can vary from one academic year to another. It is important to read the policy covering the school year in which you would like your child to start attending the school.

Admissions policies are available below under the relevant academic year.

Click Here to view 'Going to Primary School in Lincolnshire' guide

Click Here to view the Lincolnshire Schools Admission Guide 

Click Here to link to Lincolnshire County Council’s Admissions policy for Community Schools 

Click Here to apply on line for a school place

Mid-Year Admissions

If you wish to transfer your child to our School during the academic year, please follow the procedures of Lincolnshire County Council. 

Click here to view current procedures for Mid-Year Admission

  We would like to signpost parents wishing to make mid-year applications to the online form by following 


The 2 page paper form, updated to match the online form in March, remains available to parents by calling 01522 782030.

For further information please contact the School office on

  Telephone number 01472 822065  or   e.mail enquiries@holton-le-clay-infant.lincs.sch.uk


Further information:

Click here to obtain contact details for Lincolnshire County Council, School Admissions